F o u n d e r - A r c h i t e c t

Karthikeyan Padmanabhan is the founding architect here at Vishwakarma Design Studio. After completing his bachelors in Architecture from Manipal University, he came and set up Turya Designs in Coimbatore with his wife, Ruckmini which has become Vishwakarma today. An old school architect, he still values the process of putting pen to paper and this is reflected in his unique designs.

F o u n d e r - M a n a g i n g
D i r e c t o r

Ruckmini Karthikeyan is the co-founder of Vishwakarma design studio and is the management brains behind the studio. Trained as an architect but discovered her passion for numbers and took over the reigns as the managing director. She keeps the firm running successfully with her spreadsheets and quick thinking.


This company was born out of love.

Our products and design are made with love.

What better way to design your dream house or space than with love?